Warranty After First Purchase

2-year warranty after first purchase

We make each of our items with the high-quality parts, so our products pass the strict manufacturing standards and quality control testing where our professional crew performs sound and detailed checks. Our product warranty is attached to each item made by BSG GEARS and sold to each client with the limited warranty period up to 2 years provided by the original manufacturers from the date of first purchase. The product warranty and after-purchase services are available only to the product with the Certificate of First Purchase.

24/7 services available

In response to any latent issues arising from our products at any time point, we make the 24/7 services available to our clients with our timely solutions. We are committed to protect the interest and right of our clients with provision of professional services. Please feel free to call us anytime if in need of help!


Troubleshooting within 14-30 days

Except any manual factors, any part in need of troubleshooting can be done within the scope of warranty. We promise to make the standard and tailor-made items operated in a normal state within 14 and 30 days, respectively, but this excludes those in foreign regions and in need of exceptional logistics. With real-time troubleshooting to secure the utmost usability of our products, BSG GEARS makes the optimal after-purchase services and technical support services available to your gearbox.

Complete traceability

Each of our parts has its own product serial code, so only the original maker owns the original design graph and checklist required by the professional maintenance and troubleshooting. We replace and repair each part with that meeting the original or international specifications. In the event of the part suspended or short of raw materials, the original maker may apply the part with similar or better specifications to replacement.


Customization (Tailor-made order)

We apply innovative design and cutting-edge technology to the process of manufacturing, know the adaptability of our products by listening to our clients, and strive for tackling the issues for our clients all the time. Through the substantial technical knowhow embedded in the services, we not only supply the useful and helpful solutions and suggestions of our products but also attain the win-win situation for mutual sustainability with our clients.



24 -7 Service Hotline !

TEL: +886-6-5811-101 / 5811-102
MOBILE: +886-907-528-262
E-MAIL: info@bsg.com.tw